Doodle Challenge for July 2020 -Celebrating Independence

July 2020 Doodle Challenge header

I decided on the theme of “Celebrating Independence” this month because here in the states (the US) we wll be celebrating our independence on July 4th. However, I tried hard to keep the theme generic so those in every country could relate and use the theme. It wasn’t easy 🙂 Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

July 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -Spiritual Warfare

July 2020 scripture writing plan header

This month I had a few requests for a scripture writing plan theme of “Spiritual Warfare”. With all that’s going on in the world with Covid-19 and the riots, both of which have taken over the planet, I thought, “What better time for a spiritual warfare theme”?  We need to … Continue reading

Doodle Challenge for June 2020

June 2020 doodle challenge header

Why do we doodle?  Doodling simple things helps you to develop your drawing skills, which helps you increase your Bible art journaling skills.  It also increases your hand/eye coordination which helps in many areas of life! This challenge is participated in by the members of my Facebook group, Christian Planner, Journal, … Continue reading

June 2020 Scripture Writing Plan

June 2020 scripture writing plan header

For those wondering what happened to the June scripture writing plan, there’s nothing wrong with your device 🙂  In my pursuit of transitioning from a wife and mom to a single widowed mom, I got behind on everything and didn’t get it posted to my blog. (sorry!) I did get … Continue reading