Mindful Monday for 6/27 – The Gift of Time

Mindful Monday 6/27 The Gift of Time

I think we can all relate to moments of feeling like one day is just like the day before and then that life is speeding up more quickly every day.  I sure have of late!  What IS changing so much has been changing so quickly my head is spinning!  At the … Continue reading

New Versions of Planner Printables for Church, Worship, and Fellowship

Fellowship planner stickers

I had such a good response on my post for FREEBIE PRINTABLE PLANNER STICKERS FOR BIBLE STUDY, and I had a handful of requests to make similar ones.  I just added a few to my Etsy shop and if you like the “Bible Study” version, you may like my new stickers … Continue reading

End of the Age Updates for 6/26

End of the Age Updates for 6/26

Pastor J.D. Farag’s Mid-East Prophecy Update for 6/26/16: The Hal Lindsey Report: Jack Van Impe Presents: Christ in Prophecy (David Reagan): (no new videos this week) Prophecy in the News (Gary Stearman): Mark of the Beast with Don Perkins: Miracle of Israel: Prophecy Watchers (also Gary Stearman):  “Bill Salus: The … Continue reading

Mindful Monday 6/19 -Loving the Unlovable

Loving the Unlovable

So I have this loved one I’ll call George.  He’s a good guy, just a little hard for other guys to befriend because he’s a little different from other guys in that he’s not into sports and he is a little quirky. He’s a great father and once you get … Continue reading

End of the Age Updates for 6/19

End of the Age Updates for 6/19/16

Things are really building up in the world geopolitically and how it relates to Bible prophecy!  Last week pastor J.D. Farag devoted his whole service time to it when normally he gives his usual Sunday message and then adds on a time at the end for his Middle East update. … Continue reading

Free Printables -War Binder and Bible Intro

Free Printables War Binder and Bible Intro

So I’ve been working on setting up my war binder (think prayer journal combined with praise, Bible study notes and other areas for notes and whatnot all together in one binder or other book form).  It just seemed like it needed an intro page and this is what I came … Continue reading

Free Cut File for Printable Planner Stickers for Bible Study

Free Printable Bible Study Cut File

I meant to add a cut file for my Bible study printable planner stickers before posting it here, so I just created the cut file and hope it works well for us!  It looks good at my end 🙂  Click on the preview image below to get the cut file … Continue reading

FREEBIE Printable Planner Stickers for Bible Study

Bible Study Freebie Printable Planner Stickers

Update 6/26:  For other versions of this style, see my new post HERE I started going to a new women’s Bible study a few weeks ago.  The ladies are really nice and the studies are thorough and interesting.  I joined a couple online summer Bible studies as well and with … Continue reading

Mindful Monday 6/13 -The Refiner’s Fire

Mindful Monday for 6/13: The Refiner's Fire

Ever feel like you’re being beaten down at every turn and that it feels like it will never end?  I think many of us can relate to that feeling.  Sometimes you just want to just crouch into a corner and stay there till the fire’s raging calms down.  Wow can … Continue reading

End of the Age Updates for 6/12

End of the Age Updates for 6/12

As I begin this post for this week’s End of the Ages Updates, in light of the mass shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida early this morning; I’d like to remind you all to pray for all those affected individually and for our country as a whole.  Pray … Continue reading