End of the Age Updates for 6/5

End of the Age Updates for June 5 2016

I hope you all had a good week 🙂  My family is adjusting as well as can be expected to my mom’s entry into a nursing home due to her alzheimer’s.  I spent a lot of time crying and crying out to God trying to understand why in between visiting … Continue reading

You Will Be a Blessing Card Organizer by DaySpring

What a great idea is this?  A card organizer by DaySpring that gives you pockets to store cards by category and on the outside of the pocket it has a place to track dates and people who have birthdays or other important dates you’d like to remember with a card.  This let you … Continue reading

Weekend End of the Age Updates for 3/27/16

I hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Day!  Easter is an amazing day of celebration, as it well should be.  Every Easter also brings us one step closer to the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Here are our updates for this week: Pastor J.D. Farag’s Mid-East … Continue reading

Mindful Monday for 3/28 It’s Not What I Can Do, It’s What He’s Already Done

Are you as tired after the Easter celebrating as I am? (It was also my son’s 13th birthday!) After a week of daily Holy Week devotions, I was tempted to take Mindful Monday off for this week, but I want to stay consistent for you and I both 🙂  This … Continue reading

Holy Week: Easter-HE IS RISEN!

The culmination of Holy Week, Easter Sunday! History hung on this pivotal day! Until this day, in ancient Israel the priest would sacrifice a spotless lamb (without blemish) as the sin offering of the people.  It was a blood atonement (meaning to forgive and make amends) for the people. It … Continue reading

Every Day with Rachael Ray Only $3.89/year!

Everyday with Rachael Ray

How cute is Rachael Ray, am I right?  I love watching her show and learning better ways of cooking real meals in the kitchen!  Today’s Best Deal magazines deal of the day is Everyday with Rachael Ray for $3.89 for a whole year’s subscription!  That’s a retail value of $39.90! … Continue reading

Herb Quarterly Magazine $13.99/yr Today

This is a magazine that is helpful for so many areas of life!  Cooking, medicine, cosmetic…you name it.  I love cooking with herbs and have gotten away from it lately and maybe this would inspire me to get back to it 🙂  Today Herb Quarterly can be had for $13.99 a … Continue reading

Holy Week Saturday: Restoration!

Restored. That very word relies on the fact that there was something to be restored TO! And the fact that there has been a fall from the beginning point in order to be restored. When people hear the phrase, “Jesus died for me”, they could be tempted to think, “What’s … Continue reading

Holy Week Good Friday: What Are You Doing About Jesus?

Today is the Christian holiday known as Good Friday.  There is much discussion in the Christian community about whether Jesus was really crucified on Friday or if it was really Wednesday or Thursday.  There are already good articles written on this subject and you can read those here: Jesus Went … Continue reading