Craft Store Coupons for the Week of January 31 – February 6

Craft Coupons of the Week

Here are your crafty coupons for the week of January 31 through February 6th, 2016.  Just click on the image of the coupon you want to print and it will pull up the window to print that coupon! Hobby Lobby: Jo-Ann: Michaels (click on the image to pull up the … Continue reading

Weekend End of the Age Update for 1/31/16

Here are your end of the age updates for the week ending January 30th, 2016.  If you know of a channel you’d like me to include, please comment and let me know!  Share the url with me or the YouTube channel, etc.  Thanks! My favorite first,  Pastor JD from Aloha … Continue reading

The Planner Addict Craze – Intro and my Happy Planner

So how many of you out there are planner addicts?  You know, a planner for work, a planner for home, a planner for Bible study, a planner to keep track of memories. For as many categories as you can name in your life, it seems like there is a planner … Continue reading

It’s National Puzzle Day – Christian Puzzles

Today is “National Puzzle Day”, so in honor of that, I am sharing some Christian-based puzzles you can find by clicking on the image you like below.  It’s a great way to improve your hand/eye coordination and if you are like me and have a parent who is struggling with … Continue reading

Pizza Coupon Codes for Pizza Night Dinner for 1/30

Is it pizza night at your house? Here are some coupon codes to save you money on dinner! When I was single (and even way back when I lived at home with my parents) Friday night was usually pizza night.  I thought you might appreciate some money saving for your pizza yumminess … Continue reading

Insert Previews for 1/31/16

Ready to get serious about couponing? Lots of extreme couponers study the previews of the coupons that will be in the following Sunday’s newspaper inserts.  Here are the previews for you! Depending on what region you live in, you can expect 4 inserts this week!  Three Red Plum inserts and one … Continue reading