Today’s Haul from Giant Eagle and Target August 24

I was going through coupons and realized a number of them expired today, so I decided to go out shopping and see what I could rustle up 🙂 It was a very RARE event in that I managed to go out alone without my husband and son, so I was able to take my time and focus. It’s just a few mini hauls (end of the month and nearly the money 🙂 ), but I think it went pretty well 🙂

Sorry the pictures aren’t better. I took a picture of the Target haul in the cart before putting it in the car, and the Giant Eagle haul was in the front seat of my car before I left the parking lot 🙂 (Then I added the text to the side, etc. when I got on my computer at home.)

Haul_Target August 24 2013















Then I decided to go across the street (almost) to Giant Eagle because they double your coupons there:

Haul_Giant Eagle Aug 24

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