Those Great Items from Walter Drake – So Helpful and Handy!

Who hasn’t seen those Walter Drake catalogs as we were growing up? Maybe our parents or grandparents got them in the mail and we’d look through them thinking, “Yeah! I should have thought of that! Wow… that would come in really handy!” 🙂 Well Walter has gone digital and here I share with you a few of the offerings from the web site. I picked a few I myself think would be really handy!

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Personalized Cake Pan with LidPerfect for the Holidays! Your pan personalized with your name! No getting pans mixed up at holiday gatherings.

Personalized Cake Pan with Lid
With this personalized cake pan with lid from Walter Drake you???ll never lose this cake pan at potlucks. Durable 9x13x3″ aluminum pan will always return to its owner. Print your name or message up to 2 lines, 20 letters and spaces each. Hand wash.




grabberReach Extender Pickup Tool

Pickup tool extends your reach nearly 3 feet without ladders, bending or straining to grasp out-of-reach items. Trigger-lock suction grip of reach extender rotates to easily grab hold of cans and boxes up to 5 lbs., yet is precise enough to pick up a paper clip from the floor! Reach extender pickup tool is a helping hand indoors and out!

Bissell R Steam Shot™Bissell R Steam Shot???
Clean Your Entire Home???Floors, Drapes, Blinds and More Using the Power of Steam. No chemicals needed! Bissell Steam Shot??? does all the work in ?? of the time. Industrial strength cleaner removes dirt and grime with powerful 12 amp motor. Complete set includes attachments, extension hose and 12??? UL listed cord. Save $$$ on household cleaners yearly! PLEASE NOTE: This item has been built to U.S. electronics specifications and may need additional modifications or converters to be used in countries other than the U.S. and Canada.




3 section panThree Section Baking Pan
The lasagna lover???s pan. Non-stick pan features 3 sections perfectly sized for standard lasagna noodles, for fast, easy layering. Bake 3 different varieties at once, all with crispy, delicious edges. Great for brownies and breads, too! Easy-clean carbon steel. Hand wash. 15 1/4″L x 12 1/4″W x 3 1/4″H.



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