The Nabi Computer Tablet for Kids! – My Son’s Christmas Present!

This is my son’s big gift for Christmas this year. Shhh…don’t tell him!  I just bought it last night.  

It’s the Nabi 2 7 inch, 8 GB Tablet

My son is ten, autistic and is non-verbal. He’s well behaved, sweet, affectionate and super bright; but he can’t speak to let me know just how bright till I see how he picks things up. I keep reading how computer tablets are helping kids with autism progress and his favorite toys are electronic and/or musical, so how could I NOT get him one? 🙂 This one being intentionally designed to be protected from kids dropping it is right up my ally. 

The one seen here is available at Sam’s Club. Click on the image of the Nabi 2 for more info! 

   This is the Nabi 2.  It’s as powerful as any adult tablet but it’s made for kids.  See that red border around it?  That’s a safety bumper.  If a child drops it (as any kid could), it will protect it from the fall!  

It runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, so any app that you can put on an adult Android device, you can put on the Nabi 2!  That means no cartridges to get lost (that’s happened with us with other electronic educational toys). It’s also wi-fi! So it connects to the internet where there is a wi-fi connection available.  There are parental controls with the Nabi 2. For a parent to add an app, they have to go into “mommy mode” or “daddy mode”.

   I’m really eager to see how my little guy takes to his Nabi 2! I’m going to load it up with apps that are known to be helpful for autistic kids and learn how to use it well myself and get it all charged up on Christmas Eve and ready to go and wrap it that night and have it ready for him to use on Christmas day. I played with one when we were out the other day and watched for his reaction and he saw me pull up a Dora app (on the Nickelodeon Version, also available at Sam’s Club) and he curiously watched what I was doing and seemed interested. I put it down again to go back and get it later.

Here’s more information about the system:

Nabi 2 7in 8GB Kids Tablet (858119003074)
The Nabi 2 is the first full-featured tablet made especially for kids. It comes pre-loaded with more than $200 worth of apps, including 25 free games, 50 free songs, 30 free books, and more. In addition, the Nabi 2 features state-standardized, core curriculum in math, science, social studies and English for Kindergarten – 5th grade. Powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 Processor and built on Android 4.0 ICS, the Nabi 2 is the fastest, most powerful seven-inch tablet and provides unprecedented stability, power and speed like no other children’s tablet. In the password-protected Mommy/Daddy Mode, parents have complete control over their children’s content and apps. What’s more, you can create different profiles for up to 10 children. It’s the everything-tablet that grows with your child. 

You can read more about it on the Nabi Website too.

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