Mindful Monday 6/13 -The Refiner’s Fire

Mindful Monday for 6/13: The Refiner's Fire

Ever feel like you’re being beaten down at every turn and that it feels like it will never end?  I think many of us can relate to that feeling.  Sometimes you just want to just crouch into a corner and stay there till the fire’s raging calms down.  Wow can … Continue reading

End of the Age Updates for 6/12

End of the Age Updates for 6/12

As I begin this post for this week’s End of the Ages Updates, in light of the mass shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida early this morning; I’d like to remind you all to pray for all those affected individually and for our country as a whole.  Pray … Continue reading

Mindful Monday 5/30 -God is Good ALL the Time

Mindful Monday God is good all the time

I apologize for missing all of last week here at Calvary, Couponers, and Crafters.  If you’ve read the introduction to yesterday’s End of the Age Updates post, you will have read why, but for those who didn’t I’ll explain here.  My mother has been dealing with dementia for the past … Continue reading

End of the Age Updates for 5/29

End of the Age Updates for May 29

Please forgive my absence this past week.  It was a very very difficult week for me as my mom had to go into a nursing home last Tuesday and last Sunday about this time I found out it was going to definitely be happening. Her dementia was also upgraded to … Continue reading

Mindful Monday 5/15 Self Righteousness

Mindful Monday Devotion Self Righteous

Ever have one of those moments when you do or say something that you know was a good and right thing and you only meant good by it only for others to attack you and assume the worst of you? I had one of those moments several days ago.  I’m … Continue reading

Mindful Monday 5/9 -God the Planner

Mindful Monday 5/9 -God the Planner

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I’ve really gotten into the planner craze this year. I’ve always used planners, but not to the degree that I am this year.  I find I get so much more accomplished if I have it down on a … Continue reading

Mindful Monday 4/25 Violated!

Mindful Mondays Devotional

Have you ever felt violated? I doubt there’s a single one of you reading this who can honestly answer no.  Whether something traumatic like someone attacking you or something as small as a toy stolen as a child; we’ve all been there. As I shared in my previous post about being the … Continue reading

My Life Autism and Alzheimer’s

I posted some personal insight on my private Facebook page the other day when in an emotional funk and got some feedback from a few people who are also my blog readers. They encouraged me to share more about my own life and what’s happening with it with my blog … Continue reading

End of the Age Updates for 4/24

I apologize for being a day late with this. At the usual time I post this I was having a lot of back pain and didn’t want to write a blog post as I thought it would be difficult to focus.  (I have spinal stenosis). But better a day late than … Continue reading