Mindful Monday Devotional – Serving Leftovers to a Holy God

Mindful Monday devotional - Serving leftovers to a holy God

This is one of the devotionals I read recently on YouVersion.  It both inspired and convicted me and I thought you may benefit from it as well! “Serving Leftovers to a Holy God” by Francis Chan James 2: 19 says, “You believe there is one God. Good! Even the demons … Continue reading

Mindful Monday Devotional – Practicing His Prescence

Mindful Monday Devotional - Practicing His Presence

This week’s devotional is pretty long, so I’m going to just get to it 🙂  It’s a beautiful devotional that makes us yearn for more of the Father’s prescence in every area of our life no matter how small. This is from, “Practicing the Presence of God:  Exploring an Old … Continue reading

Mindful Monday Devotional – Set Your Boundaries

Mindful Monday Devotional Set Your Boundaries

This week’s devotional is for my planner friends and my Proverbs 31 study ladies.  It’s a topic that’s difficult for most of us to apply to our lives.  I’ve had to set boundaries for myself in a few situations and am trying to learn to do it in more. For … Continue reading

Mindful Monday Devotional – A Lesson in Diligence!

Mindful Monday a lesson in diligence

The topic of this week’s Mindful Monday devotional came easy to me as I was pondering having finally reconnected with my junior and senior high school best friend after all these years (and neither of us are spring chickens any more).  I’ve been online since 1995, and since then I’d … Continue reading

Mindful Monday Devotional -It’s About Your Attitude

Mindful Monday devotional - It's About Your Attitude

This week’s Mindful Monday devotional is all about your attitude. Literally 🙂  This points at you and I both, so I’ll let you get right to it 🙂 (thanks to YouVersion for this devotional)   It’s About Attitude Attitude determines so much of our lives. It governs the way we … Continue reading

Mindful Monday Devotional – He Will Never Forget You!

Mindful Monday Devotional He will never forget you!

Have you ever felt that you were just so insignificant in the big picture of the fast universe that it’s difficult to believe that God even knows who you are?  I think we all have, (yes, even you! Whether you admit it or not!)  I do quite often and the … Continue reading

Mindful Monday Devotional – The Fear of the Lord

Mindful Monday -the fear of the Lord

The Fear of the Lord I was raised by two parents both of whom had preachers for fathers. My mom’s dad was a Freewill Baptist hellfire and brimstone preacher. I remember him pounding the pulpit begging sinners to come forward to receive Jesus and become born again.  He was only … Continue reading

Mindful Monday Devotional – Dead but Still Deadly

Mindful Monday Devotional -Dead but Still Deadly

I just finished reading day one of the devotional by Louie Giglio from his book, Goliath Must Fall.  This hit home with me because I really have been feeling like the enemy is attacking me hard of late.  The Bible tells us in Genesis 3:14-15: “The Lord God said to the serpent, … Continue reading

Mindful Monday Devotional -Selfless Love

Mindful Monday Selfless Love

  This week here in the US, we’ve had another mass school shooting 🙁 This time in Parkland, Florida. The tragedy as awful and terrible as it was, is also dividing Christian against Christian in this blogger’s viewpoint. I have over 700 friends on Facebook and well over half are … Continue reading

Mindful Monday -The Greatest Love Ever – Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day week. The day most of the world seems to celebrate love.  But the GREATEST love took place over two thousand years ago on a hill called Golgatha.  Also known as Calvary.  God Who Himself IS love took the form of a human born to a virgin and … Continue reading