Weekend End of the Age Update for 1/24/16

  Bible prophecy is a big passion of mine and as there are so many great teachers sharing input on how the world is catching up with Bible prophecy, I’m aware that many of you don’t know where to look to find out how our world news is lining up … Continue reading

Week End End of the Age Update for 5/3

As I’ve been contemplating my blog lately I’ve been seeking the Lord’s will on the content.  I get Facebook notifications from other couponers as we network together on savings we can share with our readers and lately it seems like I’m inundated with “buy this!”, “save there!”, and of course … Continue reading

Joel C. Rosenberg’s Newest Book, “Auschwitz Escape”: Save $5.00!

Joel C. Rosenberg is hands down MY favorite author. I have ALL of his books and will definitely be adding this to my collection as soon as it comes out!  I thought I’d share it here for other Joel C. Rosenberg fans and those who will become his fans 🙂 … Continue reading

Final: The Rapture Movie – Save $12! – Get The Advanced Screener DVD/Blu Ray Combo!

When this DVD set releases in August 2014, it will be $24.99, but you can get it NOW for only $12.99! (Watch the trailer at bottom of this post!) The Advanced screener DVD/Blu Ray combo. Get it now!