FREE Gillette Shave Products (cans) at Walmart (after coupons) (97 cents for the bottles)

Gillette haulWound up back at Walmart tonight as I went to Walgreens to get the toilet paper deal and Walmart was just down the street and I’d heard about this Gillette deal, so I wanted to get that.  Anyway..everything in this picture:  $6.08 plus tax. All the Gillette items were free, and the Hershey’s packs were $1 each and I had 75 cents off coupons, so those were 25 cents each.  The Gillette cans were $1.98 each and the small bottles were $2.97 (I’d gotten all the cans they had at that price, and wanted to use the rest of the coupons, so I got the shave gel for sensitive skin with the rest for 97 cents each).  I’d have waited for cans somewhere else, but my husband has VERY sensitive skin and I thought he could benefit from the sensitive skin shave gel.  At least half of this will be donated.

I did the Gillette in two transactions to honor the coupon’s limit of 4 like-coupons in one transaction.  I had 5 in the second transaction, but the cashier said it was ok.

Here’s the breakdown:

(13) Cans Gillette Shave Gel as you see in the picture (including women’s as you see I got 3) (they have the foam too):  $1.98 each

(6) bottles of Gillette Sensitive Skin Shave Gel $2.97 each

Used 6 $6/3 Gillette Coupons from the 8/11 Smart Source inserts (expires 9/30)

This is the coupon you use:

Gillette coupon

Hmm…looking at that, I have an extra can…I think I used one of the lesser value coupons for the last one (my son was with me and it was distracting at times)…  at any rate, they were all free for the cans and 97 cents for the bottles.








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