Facebook Tip: Interest Lists to Keep Track of Deals!

One way I have of keeping track of deals that come through Facebook is Interest Lists.  It seems like a lot of people don’t know what Interest Lists are or they don’t put them to use.  I have a lot of interest lists and a lot of things listed under them and it helps me keep track of things by category that I may miss coming through my news feed.  Facebook doesn’t really promote the interest lists, so being the helpful couponer that I am, I thought I’d post a tutorial on it 🙂

Ok, what’s an interest list?  It’s a list of like-Facebook lists organized into categories so you can pull up all the feeds for just that particular category and view them all in your news feed all together so you don’t miss a post!  Check it out:


How to Set Up An Interest List

When you are on a Facebook page you want to make sure you don’t miss an update from, click LIKE (like you normally would), (this works even if you’ve already “liked”ed it) but THEN, hover your cursor over the LIKED button and you will see more options.  To create an interest list or add this to an already established interest list, click on ADD TO INTEREST LISTS:

Facebook Interest Lists 01

Facebook Interest Lists 02

I already have interest lists set up, but to make a new one, look at the bottom of this image and see the “+ New List…”  Click on that:

Facebook Interest Lists 03

A Box like this will pop up, giving you the opportunity to create a new list.  Make sure the icon you want is selected with the check mark like this, then click on NEXT (bottom right)Facebook Interest Lists 04

In “List Name:” enter the name you want for your list.  You can select whether to allow the public to see your interest list, friends only, or just you. After naming your list, click on DONE (lower right side)Facebook Interest Lists 05


Once you’ve named your list and clicked on “Done”, you’ll see the name of your list with a check mark next to it, confirming your addition to an interest list worked.
Facebook Interest Lists 06

When you’re done, to find your interest lists, go to your “Home” page and look at the left side, towards the bottom and you’ll see something like this with the words “Interests” and a list of your interests lists.  You may not see them all showing at once, but they’re there.

Facebook Interest Lists 07

To access your interest lists once you’ve created them, click on the word INTERESTS which I’ve circled in red on the bottom of this screen shot:
Facebook Interest Lists 08

A screen showing all your interest lists will pop up and you can go down the list and click on the one you want to pull up:

Facebook Interest Lists 09

Click on the list you want to pull up and you’ll see a news feed from only the Facebook pages you’ve added to that particular list! (I chose autism for this tutorial as it’s a topic near and dear to my heart as I have a son with autism).Facebook Interest Lists 10

So you see there are a lot of possibilities for any interest list you want to create, not just couponing!  I have several interest lists.  I have one called Couponing that only shows feeds from coupon bloggers,etc.  I have one called Couponing-Stores that shows feeds from the stores that offer deals, ads, etc. to be seen on Facebook.  I have one called Couponing-Products. That one shows a feed just showing posts from products you’ve added to the list, so you won’t miss the coupons and specials posted by the manufacturers of those products.

So get busy and start your own interest lists! You can go through your list of LIKES and add them to your lists as well (I still have to finish doing that myself) 🙂  So every time you LIKE a page, remember to add it to an interest list and when you want to find something on Facebook about just that topic, you can just go to that interest list and you won’t have missed a post!

Have fun!

P.S.  To find your list of LIKEs to add them to interest lists, go to your timeline page and look at the left side and scroll down till you see the LIKES category 🙂

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