Educational Toys for Christmas – See It and Sign It (Sign Language Game)

See it and Sign it - American Sign Language Game - CalvaryCouponers.comHave you ever wanted to learn sign language? As the mom of a ten year old autistic child, I sure have. My son knows a little bit of sign, but as he is totally non-verbal I would love for him to learn more and for me to learn along with him.  This game will be a great way to do that!

What a great learning game for any child for Christmas. A game that would teach them something helpful and meaningful that would be a benefit to them for life !

See It and Sign It™ Level One, is an easy-to-follow game that teaches American Sign Language the fun way! It’s six games in one, plus a DVD with live action demonstrations of the hand signs. In Level One, you will learn 60 words — 10 words in six different categories, the alphabet and numbers 1 to 10! Our five ASL “pros” take the guesswork out of signing because every sign is shown clearly and accurately.

Sign language is now taught in many schools and is promoted by clinicians because it provides numerous social, emotional, cognitive, and communicative benefits to ALL children.  ASL can also provide a wonderful tool for children with special needs to better communicate with their family, friends, and others. This game is a fun way to GET THE WHOLE FAMILY SIGNING!

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