The Difference an Insert Can Make (Comparing Inserts in 3 Different Newspapers)

A coupon insert released the same day in three different newspapers can be a big difference!  In this post, I will show you the difference in three different newspapers in the area I live (North East Ohio). The newspapers are 1.  The Akron Beacon Journal, 2. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, … Continue reading

How to Print Coupons from Our Blog Posts

There has been a question about someone not being able to print coupons from the posts I’ve shared recently and I know when you’re new to printing internet coupons, there’s a learning curve, so this is for anyone who is running into a snag. Here’s what you do: Ok, you … Continue reading

Coupon Coach Lisa! – Listen to her Podcast on “Things in My Head” (blog)

Give a listen to Coupon Coach Lisa in her podcast interview with Things in My Head   Lisa is a very nice, helpful coupon teacher and you would definitely benefit from subscribing to her facebook page and her YouTube channel! I had a long chat with her a few weeks … Continue reading

Attended a Couponing Class (Re-Post)

One more re-post from our old blog site,  This catches us up and puts everything onto this new site now.  I hope you enjoy here on out! Originally posted June 27, 2013: Couponing Class with Rachel Krych of We went to a couponing class at the library in … Continue reading