Possible Power Grid Testing Nov. 13-14. Stock Up to Be Prepared (just in case)

I just wanted to let you all know of a possible “National Power Grid Testing” that is suppose to happen on Nov. 13-14th. A page fan mentioned it. I am not sure how or if it will affect us all, but I highly suggest stocking up on plenty of water/food/flash … Continue reading

efoods Direct for Emergency Food Supply – Save $25.95

There are many reasons why we all need a supply of food. When it seems we have no control over what happens, it’s comforting to know that we can have total control over our greatest dependency Choose the best food on the planet for nutrition, for flavor, for clean ingredients, … Continue reading

AWESOME Haul at Buehler’s Tonight! Saved over $116! YOU CAN TOO!

Hi gang,  WOW, I had an AMAZING haul at Buehler’s tonight! They have this FANTASTIC sale right now.  Last night was the first night of the sale, so you have all week to do it.  Buy 10 participating General Mills items, get a $5 gift card: Bottom line is I … Continue reading