October 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -God’s Goodness

October 2019 scripture writing plan header

My husband went to be with the Lord September 15th… So no small talk today…  I’m just too raw right now. I’ll post all about it one day and just know that I made a commitment to the Lord to at least get the scripture writing plan up every month, … Continue reading

September 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -Fresh Start

September 2019 scripture writing plan header

Without further adieu, here is our September, 2019 scripture writing plan. Better late than never 🙂 Please forgive the delay. I was due to bring my husband home from the nursing home yesterday, then it was changed to this Saturday, THEN he had a setback and is back in the … Continue reading

August 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -Steadfastness

August 2019 scripture writing plan

So much has happened since I posted July’s scripture writing plan.  Good and bad. My husband’s health (hospitalized and now nursing home), upcoming (unexpected) landlord inspection, van purchase (finally! We finally sold that pinball machine and got enough money to buy a new van). I feel like a yoyo that … Continue reading

June, 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -Our Words

June 2019 scripture writing plan

Better late than never, as they say 🙂 Please forgive the delay in getting this up and ready for you all.  As you may have read in my post about my husband’s health crisis, I have my hands full trying to douse water on all the fires and hold on … Continue reading

May, 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -Emotions

May 2019 Scripture Writing Plan

Hello everyone 🙂 Here’s our Scripture Writing Plan for May! As has become a pattern with my posts of late…there is again a health scare for my husband I would covet your prayers regarding. December through January gave him Sepsis in his knee, last month (March) he had to have … Continue reading

April, 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -God’s Promises

April 2019 Scripture Writing Plan

I’d planned to get this up on the blog several days ago.  Life happens though, doesn’t it? 🙂 My husband had yet ANOTHER health scare this month.  He had septic arthritis in his left knee that almost killed him in December into January. Now in March he had MRSA in … Continue reading

Scripture Writing Plan for March 2019

March 2019 Scripture Writing Challenge

Hello everyone! 🙂  Please forgive me for the delay in getting my March challenge posts up.  I intended to over the weekend and then we were one of the many families affected by the power outages caused by the wind storm. That was sure no fun! Then I had to … Continue reading

Scripture Writing Plan for February 2019

Thank you so much to all of you who have been asking me about my husband’s recovery. He is still using a walker to get around, but he’s doing so much better. I look forward to filling you all in as soon as I find time 🙂 Here is our … Continue reading

Scripture Writing Plan for January 2019

I must apologize for my lack of content this month.  There’s been a family emergency that’s kept my attention the entire month of December 🙁  God is so good and has gotten us through it though. He is so faithful! I plan on writing a more detailed post soon, but … Continue reading

Scripture Writing Plan for December 2018

December 2018 scripture writing plan

I’m so thankful that so many of you are enjoying and spiritually benefiting from these monthly scripture writing plans! I love putting them together for you knowing that you find them useful and uplifting!   This month is all about the very first Christmas! Let’s recall the birth of the Savior … Continue reading