Expiring Soon Printable Coupons for 9-8-17

expiring soon coupons

I spent the week learning my new video editing software and shooting and editing my first YouTube tutorial.  That said, I got absent minded and forgot to get my coupon posts up. Oops!  I’m resolving that error right now starting with the expiring soon coupons.  Here ya go! 🙂    … Continue reading

Healthier Printable Coupons for 9/01/17

Healthier Food coupons 9-01-17

This is your list of the printable coupons for the healthiest of the food coupons available.  Keep in mind the term ‘healthy’ changes from one person to the next.  One may be cutting out sugar, another fat, another gluten and so on.  But you won’t find cookies and cakes in … Continue reading

Food Only Coupons for 8-29-17

Food only coupons for 8-29-17

Hate sorting through all those detergent and toothpaste coupons when you only want coupons for food products?  Every Tuesday I’ll be sending you a post for food and beverages only.  To get us started, here’s our first one for this year 🙂                      For … Continue reading

Baby and Toddler Coupons for 8-28-17

Baby and Toddler Coupons for 8-28-17

  Hi everyone! Especially you, my fellow couponers 🙂  Yes, I’m going to start posting about coupons and couponing again.  I’ll be posting an individual post sharing with you why I went on a coupon-blogging hiatus.  For the meantime, however, for you new moms (and grand-moms and others), here are … Continue reading