Mindful Monday Devotional – Practicing His Prescence

Mindful Monday Devotional - Practicing His Presence

This week’s devotional is pretty long, so I’m going to just get to it 🙂  It’s a beautiful devotional that makes us yearn for more of the Father’s prescence in every area of our life no matter how small. This is from, “Practicing the Presence of God:  Exploring an Old … Continue reading

End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 7/1/18

End of the Age Updates 7-1-18

Hi everyone!  I hope those of you in my area of the United States is staying cool and drinking lots of water!  It sure is a swelcher out there! It’s 91 here in north central Ohio (with high humidity making it feel like 97). Ugh.  Remember to keep your pets … Continue reading