Mindful Monday 4/25 Violated!

Mindful Mondays Devotional

Have you ever felt violated? I doubt there’s a single one of you reading this who can honestly answer no.  Whether something traumatic like someone attacking you or something as small as a toy stolen as a child; we’ve all been there. As I shared in my previous post about being the … Continue reading

My Life Autism and Alzheimer’s

I posted some personal insight on my private Facebook page the other day when in an emotional funk and got some feedback from a few people who are also my blog readers. They encouraged me to share more about my own life and what’s happening with it with my blog … Continue reading

End of the Age Updates for 4/24

I apologize for being a day late with this. At the usual time I post this I was having a lot of back pain and didn’t want to write a blog post as I thought it would be difficult to focus.  (I have spinal stenosis). But better a day late than … Continue reading