Baby and Toddler Coupons for 3/8/16

Babies and toddlers.  They seem to be everywhere! That’s a LOT of diapers and formula and whatnot being purchased for these little loves of everyones 🙂  Here are your weekly coupons for them to save as much as you can in the store since they have to be purchased for … Continue reading

Mindful Monday for 3/7/16 -God’s Will

Today’s Mindful Monday devotional came from a devotional I read this past week in one of my YouVersion app devotionals, “30 Day Prayer Challenge”.  It’s about the will of God.  How many of us struggle with trying to figure out what God’s will is in our lives.  I think if … Continue reading

Craft Coupons for Week of March 6-12

My creativity this week has all been right here on this blog fixing things to make it run better,faster, and be prettier 🙂  I hope to have some time with real hands-on crafting this week! For those of you who are feeling the itch to craft, this is your weekly … Continue reading

Weekend End of the Age Updates for 3/6/16

Weekend End of the Age Updates for March 6 2016

I’m almost finished getting the coding issues straightened out and am eager to get back to my blogging content 🙂  This is the popular End of the Age Updates for the week.  I take peace in the fact that every week that I post these are one day closer to … Continue reading

Rubber Bands -Uses for DIY and Household Tips!

The lowly rubber band.  Are you like most of us and have extra rubber bands in a drawer somewhere or laying around?  Put them to good use by using them for these great DIY projects and household tips!  They are useful for Removing stripped screws! Mark the paint level left in … Continue reading

Hump Day High-Value Coupon Alert for 3/2/16

I’m still working on the web design of the blog, but in wanting to stay caught up with my weekly schedule, I share with you the high-value printable coupons for $1.50 and over.  These are the ones you don’t want to miss.  The ones you want to print before they’re … Continue reading

Sunday Coupon Insert Previews for 3/6

This Sunday, March 6, 2016 we are expecting THREE (3) coupon inserts!  (Remember this can vary by region). One Smart Source insert and two Red Plum inserts. This helps you sleuth out your savings by helping you to plan your shopping trip before you go!  Here you have it: (For Smart … Continue reading

Mindful Monday for 3/1 Casting Your Cares on the Lord

Last night at Bible study, the devotion shared at the start was on casting your cares on the Lord.  Most Christians recognize that as being from either the Hebrew (Old Testament) Psalm 55:22 or the Greek (New Testament) 1 Peter 5:7.  I can’t recall which verse the devotion was referring … Continue reading

The Difference an Insert Can Make (Comparing Inserts in 3 Different Newspapers)

A coupon insert released the same day in three different newspapers can be a big difference!  In this post, I will show you the difference in three different newspapers in the area I live (North East Ohio). The newspapers are 1.  The Akron Beacon Journal, 2. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, … Continue reading