Weekend End of the Age Updates for 2/14

I’ve compiled this week’s list of Bible prophecy update videos for our ability to watch the primary sources in one place without hopping back and forth between YouTube channels.  I may be adding to the list in days to come but these are my go-to sources on a regular basis and … Continue reading

The Greatest Love Ever – Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. The day most of the world seems to celebrate love.  But the GREATEST love took place over two thousand years ago on a hill called Golgatha.  Also known as Calvary.  God Who Himself IS love took the form of a human born to a virgin and grew … Continue reading

Crafty Coupons for the Week of 2/14/16

Craft Coupons of the Week

Winter is a great time to do crafts.  If you have to go out, print out some craft coupons and save some money on a great hobby and come back and stay warm while working on your latest creation!  Here are your crafty coupons for the week of February 14-20th. … Continue reading