Mindful Monday 2/17: Waiting

Our Mindful Monday devotion this week is on waiting. Nobody likes waiting.  In our modern hurry and scurry world, everything seems to be based on what’s the fastest, most convenient way of getting anything done.  The fastest way to get from point A to point B.  Fast food restaurants make … Continue reading

Giant Eagle and Kellogg’s Olympic Catalina Deal!

A loyal reader just emailed this info and I want to pass it on to you all 🙂 Check your Kellogg’s cereal and look for specially-marked boxes with “SAVE $15” (like the image above) on it.  There’s a code on the Kellogg’s Family Rewards website and when you enter that code, you … Continue reading

A Sick Sick Week :)

Hi everyone 🙂 Well I’ve been under the weather most of this past week along with my little guy. A nasty, nasty cold put me out of commission and I didn’t feel like focusing on pretty much anything. Besides the sneezing, runny nose, hiccups (yeah, weird, huh?) I had monster … Continue reading