Christmas Baking Post-a-Thon Day 23: Potato Candy (with coupons!)

Day 23:  Potato Candy Potato Candy.  I bet I’ve made this every single Christmas since I was old enough to boil a potato by myself 🙂  It’s a tradition that I make this every year for my mom.  When my dad and grandma were both alive, I made it for … Continue reading

Christmas Baking Post-a-Thon Day 24: Chocolate Crackle Cookies (with coupons!)

Oops! With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday whoopdidoo, I got behind with this blog series. I’m posting a few tonight to get me back on track. I hope you find the recipes and coupons that go with them useful and yummy 🙂 Day 24:  Chocolate Crackle Cookies Oh … Continue reading